Monday, 7 April 2014

Resident Evil 2

The second series of Resident Evil franchis happen two month after the first event . T-Virus has outbreak into the Raccon City . Leon S. Kennedy a rookie police officer who on first day of job meet up with Claire Redfield who also just arrive looking her missing brother . 

Planning to go Raccon City Police Department together but split up after lorry drive by infected crash their car .  Both of them promise to meet at Raccon City Police Department with different rod .

Unlike the first series , this time player need to play twice to know what really happen . Player can play Leon S. Kennedy first then continue with Claire Redfield or Vice Versa . 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Resident Evil

The first insttallment of the  Resident Evil  Franchais , Resident Evil (Bioharzard)  originally release around 1996 for playstation console before be re-release or remake to other platform . 


Platform : Sony PSone , PC , Sega Saturn
Release Date : EU August 1996 , JP March 1996 , US May 1996
Genre : Survivor Horror
ESRB Rating : Mature 18+
Playable Character : 3
Games Mode : Single Player

My Review

I love the this game  , still playing this game until today . What made this game interesting is the suspens and curiosity element in game , how we want to know what happen to Mansions . How creepy the keeper diary are .

The bad side is , the worst voice acting ever with weird line . 


The scene will be diferent based on player chosen character . If player choose to play as Jill Valentine . Jill Valentine has be separated from Chris .  Hearing the gunshot , Jill and Barry went to investigated hoping its' from Chris Redfield but actually Kenneth who has been kill by zombie .

While if player choose to play as Chris , the team has lost Barry . When there heard the gunshot leaving Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker , Chris went to investigate . After killing the zombie  he back but both Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker has gone .

Both Character has their own partner .  Barry will help Jill Valentine a lot and always supply her with weapon , key , ammo . With help of Barry , Jill can get shotgun without used broken shotgun .

While on Chris story , Chris will be partner with Rebecca the only survivor from Bravo team . Rebecca  can heal Chris in certain scene .

Both of Character has 4 endings .


 On July 24 1998 , Alpha team has been dispatch to Raccon Forest looking their team members from Bravo Team that has be lost in contact .  Alpha team manage to found the Bravo team helicopter but no survivor .

While there keep searching Bravo members , Joseph Frost found hand holding gun before be attack by dog . Brad Vicker has run away leaving four other members , there had no choice but to run until there found Mansion .


Chris Redfield - Main protagonist , stronger and faster than Jill with better accuracy aim more resistant to enemy attack and easy to avoid them too with flamethrower as special weapon . However unlike Jill , Chris only has six item slot and start with only knife . Chris need to use small key to unlock some door or drawer . Chris also start with lighter as special item but not really usefull .

Jill Valentine - Female protagonist , althought not as powerfull Chris Redfield , Jill start game with handgun . As Master Of Unlocking  , Jill can easily unclock some door or drawer with her started item , Lockpick . Her special weapon grenade laucher with few type of round .

Albert Wesker - Main antagonist , Albert Wesker undercover spy from Umbrella who play role as Alpha Team STARS Leader . Mastermind in bringing STARS member to the Mansion with puoporse to gather data about bio organic weapon . 

Barry Button
Rebecca Chamber
Joseph Frost
Brad Vicker




Q: What happen after I finish the game ?
A : If you finish less than 2 hour you get infinite bazooka.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Coming soon , Resident Evil special page .

I am now need to focus on creating special post about Resident Evil . Nothing much to expert yet . However i planning to write about character biodata , game sypnopsis , trvia or info . 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Tomb Rider 2013 The Survivor Was Born

No more big bad ass lady with two gun   , Square Enix and Crsytal Dynamic has reboot this franchais . The story will reveal how Lara Croft from innocent girl became bad ass  character . (Not really)

So what's cool and cold?


  1. Great Storyline , the real reason I pick up this game is the storyline . Start by Lara monolog , player then will play the character from kinda like ritual cave .  
  2. Arrow in your head ,Lara first weapon . I just love using arrow in this game .  Although we have another weapon , but charge up for more damage , Silent Kill , a little flame enough to made enemy dancing ? This just my fav weapon .    
  3. Nature Environment , we have rabbit , tree , waterfall and lot more . Well we also face few things like storm , thunder , plane explosion crazy wave , mine . 


  1.  Less choice of upgrade , nothing much to upgrade . Four type of weapon and three type of skill . Hope for more . 
  2. The Boss kinda easy to kill . Avoid ,  avoid then bang !You win .  
  3. Less choice deadly animal . The only animal that can really kill is Wolf . Hope there gonna be more dangerous animal like mad rhichonecores or anaconda .   

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Gamers Wishlist

Finally done listing my wishlist for gaming setup . Not like I gonna buy them all this year . Just listing .  

  1. PS3
  2. Impulse Headphone
  3. Logitech 5.1 Speaker
  4. Assassin Creed
  5. Assassin Creed 2
  6. Assassin Creed Brotherhood
  7. Assassin Creed Revelations
  8. Bayonetta
  9. Batman Akham City GOTY
  10. Batman Akham Asylum GOTY
  11. Crysis 2
  12. Dead Or Alive 5
  13. Dead Rising Off The Record
  14. Dead Space
  15. Dead Space 2
  16. Devil May Cry  HD Collection
  17. Devil May Cry 4
  18. Final Fantasy XIII
  19. Final Fantasy XIII-2
  20. God Of War Saga
  21. Gran Turismo 5
  22. Heavy Rain
  23. Hitman Absolution
  24. Lego Batman
  25. Lego Batman 2 : DC Superheroes
  26. Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4
  27. Lego Pirates Of Carribean
  28. Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga
  29. Lego Star Wars 3 : The Clone War
  30. Lego Indiana Jones : The Original Adventure
  31. Lego Indiana Jone : The Adventure Continue
  32. Little Big Planet  2 Special
  33. Lolipop Chainsaw
  34. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom
  35. Mass Effect Trilogy
  36. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
  37. Metal Gear Solid 4
  38. Mortal Kombat
  39. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
  40. Ninja Gaiden 3
  41. Prototype
  42. Prototype 2
  43. Resident Evil 5 : Gold Editon
  44. Resident Evil 6
  45. Resident Evil :Operation Raccon City
  46. Silent Hill Downpour
  47. Silent Hill HD Collection
  48. Tekken Tag Tournament
  49. Tekken 6
  50. Transformer War For Cybertron
  51. Transformer Fall For Cybertron
Now playing with Kingdom Rush , kinda fun game .

Friday, 4 January 2013

I have blog ?

Since like the last update is around world war 2 . Not my fault , blame it at "Idea" .  It only came to my mind when I away from my computer or don't have any writing material for example in toilet (best place to find idea)   , when I ran away from deadly dangerous dog , chihuahua .

I don't even plan yet , what should I write in this blog .

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fairy Tail 301 Manga Review


Wendy manage to revive dragon Soul named Zealconis with her magic Milky Way  . The dragon thought the person who summon his soul is Grandine . Zealconis  then talk about the history of Dragon Slayer . How and why the dragon theached human Dragon Slayer . Zealconis  also tell them  about the origin of Acologia . Dragon used to be a human but because to much Dragon Blood he turn into one of them . There then be interupt by Yukino and Arcadios

  1. Wendy draw magic circle to perform Milky Way 
  2. After ask everyone to step back , she perform Milky Way . 
  3. The moving dragon skull did scare Lucy a little .
  4.  Wendy take a moment to find the soul because the soul around there extremely old and small.
  5. A large dragon materialize and shocking everyone with it's roar and teeth .
  6. The dragon just think it funny looking everyone shock face . 
  7. Though the one who summon him Grandine 

Magic Use 

Milky Way 
Dragon Slayer (mention)


Wendy Marvell
Lucy Heartfilia
Gray Fullbuster
Gajeel Redfox
Natsu Dragnell
Yukino Aguria

 My review 

The chapter answerd a lot of question . The origin of Dragon Slayer , history of Dragon War , origin of Aconologia , hypotesis Zeref who mastermind in transform Aconologia from human to dragon . It's funny when the dragon tease Natsu Party and of course when Natsu insult him for talking with food .