Resident Evil

Resident Evil also know as Bioharzard is horror franchais create by Shinji Mikami .  Originally Resident Evil is survival horror video game before expand to other media like comic , novel , toy , trading card game , movie .


Resident Evil Zero 

 Rebecca Champer had no choice but to made an alliance with Billy Coen an escaped criminal to survive and investigate what happen at Arklay Laboratory

Resident Evil 

S.T.A.R.S member are assign to investigate the series of murder and cannibalism that happen on the outskirt of Raccon City .  The team has divided  by two Alpha and Bravo . Alpha Team suppose to follow up after Bravo Team that has been sent earlier but just to find out the team lost in action . [Detail]

Resident Evil 2

 Take place in Raccon City few month after first series , who think Leon S. Kennedy first day on duty is to face out a hunger zombie on outbrek ? At least he not alone Leon need to find way out and investigate what happen with help three girls Claire Redfield ,Sherry William and Ada Wong .

Main Character :Leon S Kennedy , Claire Redfield  

Resident Evil 3

Happen the same day with Resident Evil 2 , Jill Valentine back without Chris Redfield . Hunt by fearfull enemy Nemesis Jill now must co-operate with Umbrella member.

Code Veronica

Claire Redfield has be imprisoned on Rockfort Island after been capture when raiding the Umbrella Facility but then has been released aftermath the T-Virus Outbreak .

Resident Evil 4

This time Leon S Kennedy on mission to find the missing Prime Minister daughter . Something wrong with zombie in this series there can communicate  and use weapon .

Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield on mission at Kijuju Village Africa with help Sheva Alomar  to prevent Irvin from selling bio-organic weapon at black market . This times not just a mission but personal . Chris Redfield get a hint that his partner Jill Valentine still alive and face his old enemies , Albert Wesker .


Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani has be sent to search Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat

Resident Evil 6 

First series got 4 campaign with 8 playable character .  Leon S Kennedy and Helena Harper need to stop Derek C Simmons plan . Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans on mission to capture Ada wong . Jake Muller been protect by Sherry Williams since he blood contain antibody for the virus . Ada wong got an inviatation from Derek C Simmons .

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