Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1

The story begins when two astronauts fight over a bag. One was left on the moon while the other ran away with the bag.

17 years later..

Gentaro Kisaragi felt angry as Kengo Utahoshi throws away his love letter without even reading it.

They continued quarelling in the class. However, Gentaro Kisaragi admits that Kengo Utahoshi is his friend.

Once again, Gentaro Kisaragi was involved in a fight with Shun Daimonji. Gentaru Kisaragi should be able to win over them if it was not for Yuki Jojima has been taken hostage.

Suddenly, a monster called Orion Zordiat came. Shun Daimonji's group which members are American Football players ran away, leaving only Yuki Jojima and Gentaro Kisaragi facing Orion. Gentaro Kisaragi decides to defeat Orion Zordiat, but using steel to fight the monster is not a good idea.

kengo Utahoshi arrived just at the perfect moment to protect Yuki Jojima. By using Power Diver, Kengo had been able to defeat Orion Zordiat. However, the monster ran away.

Knowing that Orion Zordiat will come back, Kengo Utahoshi and Yuki Jojima headed to Rabbit Hutch Lunar Base by using their locker. gentaro Kisaragi followed behind their back but they haven't realised it. Kengo Utahoshi tried to change into Kamen Rider but with vain as his body feels so weak. Gentaro Kisaragi seized Fourze Driver and decided to defeat Orion Zordiat. Once again, it was not a good decision as he does not know how to operate Fourze Driver.

First Henshin

Luckily Yuki Jojima came and taught him how to change into Kamen Rider Fourze. HENSHIN! Gentaro Kisaragi is now Kamen Rider Fourze!

Rider Kick

At the beginning, Kamen Rider Fourze failed to control the power contained in Fourze. This can be detected as from how he operated Rocket Switch and Lautcher switch. However, with the help from Kengo Utahoshi through Radar Switch, he started to gain control. Orion Zordiat had been defeated by Fourze by using Rocket Switch and Drill Switch.

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