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Resident Evil

The first insttallment of the  Resident Evil  Franchais , Resident Evil (Bioharzard)  originally release around 1996 for playstation console before be re-release or remake to other platform . 


Platform : Sony PSone , PC , Sega Saturn
Release Date : EU August 1996 , JP March 1996 , US May 1996
Genre : Survivor Horror
ESRB Rating : Mature 18+
Playable Character : 3
Games Mode : Single Player

My Review

I love the this game  , still playing this game until today . What made this game interesting is the suspens and curiosity element in game , how we want to know what happen to Mansions . How creepy the keeper diary are .

The bad side is , the worst voice acting ever with weird line . 


The scene will be diferent based on player chosen character . If player choose to play as Jill Valentine . Jill Valentine has be separated from Chris .  Hearing the gunshot , Jill and Barry went to investigated hoping its' from Chris Redfield but actually Kenneth who has been kill by zombie .

While if player choose to play as Chris , the team has lost Barry . When there heard the gunshot leaving Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker , Chris went to investigate . After killing the zombie  he back but both Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker has gone .

Both Character has their own partner .  Barry will help Jill Valentine a lot and always supply her with weapon , key , ammo . With help of Barry , Jill can get shotgun without used broken shotgun .

While on Chris story , Chris will be partner with Rebecca the only survivor from Bravo team . Rebecca  can heal Chris in certain scene .

Both of Character has 4 endings .


 On July 24 1998 , Alpha team has been dispatch to Raccon Forest looking their team members from Bravo Team that has be lost in contact .  Alpha team manage to found the Bravo team helicopter but no survivor .

While there keep searching Bravo members , Joseph Frost found hand holding gun before be attack by dog . Brad Vicker has run away leaving four other members , there had no choice but to run until there found Mansion .


Chris Redfield - Main protagonist , stronger and faster than Jill with better accuracy aim more resistant to enemy attack and easy to avoid them too with flamethrower as special weapon . However unlike Jill , Chris only has six item slot and start with only knife . Chris need to use small key to unlock some door or drawer . Chris also start with lighter as special item but not really usefull .

Jill Valentine - Female protagonist , althought not as powerfull Chris Redfield , Jill start game with handgun . As Master Of Unlocking  , Jill can easily unclock some door or drawer with her started item , Lockpick . Her special weapon grenade laucher with few type of round .

Albert Wesker - Main antagonist , Albert Wesker undercover spy from Umbrella who play role as Alpha Team STARS Leader . Mastermind in bringing STARS member to the Mansion with puoporse to gather data about bio organic weapon . 

Barry Button
Rebecca Chamber
Joseph Frost
Brad Vicker




Q: What happen after I finish the game ?
A : If you finish less than 2 hour you get infinite bazooka.


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