Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fairy Tail 301 Manga Review


Wendy manage to revive dragon Soul named Zealconis with her magic Milky Way  . The dragon thought the person who summon his soul is Grandine . Zealconis  then talk about the history of Dragon Slayer . How and why the dragon theached human Dragon Slayer . Zealconis  also tell them  about the origin of Acologia . Dragon used to be a human but because to much Dragon Blood he turn into one of them . There then be interupt by Yukino and Arcadios

  1. Wendy draw magic circle to perform Milky Way 
  2. After ask everyone to step back , she perform Milky Way . 
  3. The moving dragon skull did scare Lucy a little .
  4.  Wendy take a moment to find the soul because the soul around there extremely old and small.
  5. A large dragon materialize and shocking everyone with it's roar and teeth .
  6. The dragon just think it funny looking everyone shock face . 
  7. Though the one who summon him Grandine 

Magic Use 

Milky Way 
Dragon Slayer (mention)


Wendy Marvell
Lucy Heartfilia
Gray Fullbuster
Gajeel Redfox
Natsu Dragnell
Yukino Aguria

 My review 

The chapter answerd a lot of question . The origin of Dragon Slayer , history of Dragon War , origin of Aconologia , hypotesis Zeref who mastermind in transform Aconologia from human to dragon . It's funny when the dragon tease Natsu Party and of course when Natsu insult him for talking with food .

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