Friday, 10 January 2014

Tomb Rider 2013 The Survivor Was Born

No more big bad ass lady with two gun   , Square Enix and Crsytal Dynamic has reboot this franchais . The story will reveal how Lara Croft from innocent girl became bad ass  character . (Not really)

So what's cool and cold?


  1. Great Storyline , the real reason I pick up this game is the storyline . Start by Lara monolog , player then will play the character from kinda like ritual cave .  
  2. Arrow in your head ,Lara first weapon . I just love using arrow in this game .  Although we have another weapon , but charge up for more damage , Silent Kill , a little flame enough to made enemy dancing ? This just my fav weapon .    
  3. Nature Environment , we have rabbit , tree , waterfall and lot more . Well we also face few things like storm , thunder , plane explosion crazy wave , mine . 


  1.  Less choice of upgrade , nothing much to upgrade . Four type of weapon and three type of skill . Hope for more . 
  2. The Boss kinda easy to kill . Avoid ,  avoid then bang !You win .  
  3. Less choice deadly animal . The only animal that can really kill is Wolf . Hope there gonna be more dangerous animal like mad rhichonecores or anaconda .   

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