Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Welcome back PsOne Classic

Once upon a times , games don't have HD quality graphic ... the end

Planing to download iso file for Ps2 , lucky enough i found both PsOne and Ps2 games .  Really fill nostalgic when I still innocent playing the game without knowing one day Sherry Birkin gonna turn to hot babes .  One day Albert Wesker gonna turn to hot guy .  Oh ! He so hot when he swim in the lava plus with two rocket laucher , scream for pain and death .. that's so hot .

So now I gonna play all my fav PsOne games .What 's in my mind now

Resident Evil from original Resident Evil until Nemesis . Hurmmm not forget Gun Survivor.

Both two episode Parasite Eve

Silent Hill , Alone In The Dark , King Of Fighter , Yugioh , Digimon and lot's more . So I target to play 36  PsOne Games .... kinda fun .

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