Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gundam Seed Remastered

What happen to Gundam ? Gundam Age ? Oh Maii !!! Creating an anime for kids ? Not really good idea when we talking about Gundam . So what's now ? Here we go ! Gundam Seed Remastered .

Taking place 8 year after Bloody Valentines , Heliopolis a neutral space colony have top secret weapon project creating Gundam for Earth Alliance .

Story begin when Kira Yamato a Coordinators (human with DNA modified ) pilot Strike Gundam tried to prevent the ZAFT member stole 4 Gundam (Original ZAFT plan to steal 5 Gundam).

In the middle of battle , Kira encounter his best friends Athrun Zala .  Since there no where he can go , Kira join the Alliance with hope to protect everyone but with high price .

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